Rubina F. Malik, Ph.D.
In the past three decades, companies have spent over $250 billion dollars on training, mentoring and leadership development programs. Despite the time and money spent, these programs alone have not significantly moved the meter to help sustain and diversify leadership.
Women in Fortune 500 Companies

Dr. Rubina F. Malik is an expert in leadership development and career sponsorship.  In a time when all companies large and small are being called on to develop more women leaders and increase diversity in the workplace, these initiatives must be considered non-negotiable. As a strategic advisor, Rubina is your go-to person for education and support incorporating career sponsorship within your company culture for continuous, sustainable leadership development that helps your company create a competitive edge.

Dr. Rubina F. Malik is a strategic advisor and a thought leader skilled at helping organizations looking for guidance on how best to engage, develop, retain, and promote the right candidates to move into top leadership roles.

She is also a scholar with a professional background in human resources, training and professional development, coupled with ten years of research, coaching and teaching experience.

As a strategic advisor to companies from start-ups to Fortune 100 global brands, she has developed an innovative, customizable model that prepares and positions leaders for success. After implementing her strategies, clients discover that they have a diverse pool of future leaders in place ready to perform at the highest level to support the organization’s position in the market place.

More About Rubina

She is an Assistant Professor in the business department at Morehouse College, and her work has been published in the Harvard Business Review and other management journals.

She is a certified Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coaching Federation, trained in assessments such DiSC and Team Coaching International (TCI).

Dr. Malik has broad experience in both digital and traditional service-based companies. She provides a competitive edge — driving organizations forward with leadership initiatives that create sustainable performance and profits.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Rubina is active in her community, she has been recognized in BestSelf Atlanta magazine and Rivaaj Magazine as one of the ten notable South Asians in Atlanta who promotes a positive community image. To fulfill her passionate commitment to the community, she is on several non-profit boards that actively support education and equality-based incentives.

She resides in Atlanta, enjoys her adopted rescue cockatiel George, running marathons, connecting and drinking tea with friends, reading, a good crime show, and travel.

Studied. Tested. Proven.

These three pillars drive Rubina’s philosophy that success within a company starts from the bottom-up.

Rubina works at every leadership level to assist in creating operative change; developing solutions that endure and sustain effective leadership and growth – the keys to unlocking a company’s full potential.

Her portfolio spans from written pieces in the Harvard Business Review to International Conferences on Human Resources Development Research and Practice.

As an expert in organizational and human resources development, Rubina’s approach to career sponsorship focuses on the person and relationships first; the most impactful and necessary assets to any organization’s bottom line.

Dr. Malik helps identify a key “missing link” that’s preventing many corporate initiatives designed to engage, retain, promote and develop female talent.

Career sponsorship is an active partnership in supporting the upward mobility of an individual’s overall career growth. Rubina believes sponsorship should be a part of an organization’s overall leadership development culture to ensure opportunity and advancement.


  • Helps companies significantly improve the results of their existing initiatives to engage, retain, develop and promote top talent.
  • Rubina’s systematic six-point plan helps to maximize career aspirations by developing leadership skills and a reputation as a high performer along with ensuring visibility within the organization.
  • Her plan also advances job satisfaction leading to organizational commitment, higher- performing teams and leaders, and increased diversity at senior levels.
  • In a recent report – women who have sponsors are significantly more successful in navigating and getting ahead in the workplace.
  • Career Sponsorship provides a 22% to 30% career benefit including promotion, pay increase, stretch assignments.

Featured Article

“Why Men Have More Help Getting to the C-Suite”

“We believe that a reason women are underrepresented in the top levels of the organization is that they are over-mentored and under-sponsored. The distinction between mentorship and sponsorship and the correlation to corporate advancement has been examined before in several HBR articles over the years, supported by recent evidence from the women participants of the Kellogg School of Management 2015 Executive Management Program, who indicated that 86% of the time, having a sponsor is more closely correlated to their promotion than having a mentor.”

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Georgia State University
Morehouse College
The Home Depot
University of Georgia

Dr. Malik is not a fan of stock solutions she will work with you to build an engaged, empowered, and diverse workforce to give your organization a competitive edge. She will work with you to create and implement a customized strategy using theory, practice, and a relationship-based model based on Dr. Malik’s research to solve for leadership development and career sponsorship issues and initiatives.

New evidence has shown that a systemic approach to leadership development within an organization yields better results than individual formal training. Deloitte has proved this multi-level training strategy to help increase a company’s revenue by 37% per employee; as noted by in a recent report. With over a decade of training and development experience, Dr. Malik combines research and practice using formal and informal learning, self-assessment and engaging activities to generate success in the workplace.

Please contact me if your organization is looking for support on the best way to engage, develop, retain, and promote the right candidates to move into top leadership roles.